Oil Refinery Plant
We are offering Vanaspati Plants and many other oil refinery plants that implement latest processes and technologies. These are assorted chemical reactions involved in these plants and hence these are built to last.
Dewaxing Plant
We are manufacturing exporting dewaxing plants and equipment, which are used for de-waxing or winterization of sunflower, corn and rice bran oil so that they become safe for consumption.
Bleaching Plant
With our registered office in New Delhi, we are designing and manufacturing bleaching plants. Herein we have integrated latest technologies, which ensures smooth and uniform process standards along with precise and higher output.
Cattle / Poultry Feed Plant
We are designers and producers of cattle / poultry feed plants. We use mild steel in its production and hence we ensure its best performance. Pulverizing, mixing, blending and extrusion are some processes carried out in this plant.

Hydrogenation Plants
We are manufacturing and offering hydrogenation plants which are used for altering the physical characteristics of the natural fats as well as oils. During this process, hydrogen is added to the carbon-carbon double bonds already available in the fatty acid.
Seed Processing Machine
Based on modern and efficacious technologies, seed processing machine is popular for its higher output. These are a common part of oil milling segment and we have designed specially to ensure complete and proper processing of the seeds.
Oil Milling Plant
If you desire an increase in your oil production capacity, then this oil milling plant is perfect replacement for your existing plant. It delivers higher oil yield and helps in bettering the worker's safety.
Solvent Extraction Plant
We are offering solvent extraction plants which are used to separate a substance from more than one substances by the application of a solvent. These are used in oil extraction from oil seeds such as soybean, sunflower, cottonseed etc.
Continuous Winterization Plants
Use our superior quality Continuous Winterization Plants which are used in oil plants and flour mills for removing small solid particles. They are attributed by low power consumption, robustness, noise less operation and corrosion resistance.
Toilet Soap Plants
Use our latest technology Toilet Soap Plants which are used in several industries. They are attributed by compact design, less manpower, less civil work, require lea maintenance, simple operation and convenient shifting.
Duplex Vacuum Plodder
Use our top most quality Duplex Vacuum Plodders which are soap making machines. They basically squeeze out the final soap. They are rust free, high capacity, give excellent performance and have fine finish.
Modernization & Consultancy Service
We are counted as one of the leading service provider engaged in rendering excellent quality Modernization & Consultancy Services. These services are completed by our skilled professionals who use reliable techniques and latest tools.

The advantage of these valves is that they have poor choking properties, which can hasten the deterioration of a ball valve's seat. They offer servicing without leaks. They have several uses in the areas of water supply, sewage treatment, fire prevention, and other things as well.

Oil Expeller

The provided oil expellers are uniquely created to guarantee contemporary oil extraction and maximal oil extraction from all types of oil seed. For pressing the majority of oil seeds, they are intended. These are quite effective in extracting the oil and producing the output.

Level Switch

Utilizing the Level Switches that are available, liquid interfaces and levels may be detected.  By turning on and off a load, these switches may be used as either control switches or alarm devices. They are employed in the detection and measurement of various materials.


The flow rate of a liquid or a gas is measured using these devices. This meter has a tapered tube that passes through a floating internal element. Rotameters are occasionally referred to as gravity flow meters, mechanical flow meters, or variable area flow meters.

Oleo Chemical

Oleo chemicals are used in many different sectors as both primary materials and supplementary compounds. These can be used in place of petrochemicals, or goods made from petroleum. These substances are becoming more well-liked as a result of its many environmental advantages.

Effluent Treatment Plant

The removal of significant quantities of organic compounds, debris, dirt, grit, pollution, poisonous, non-toxic materials, and polymers, among other things, from industrial wastewater is done using effluent treatment plants. Evaporation, drying, and other auxiliary procedures are employed by the ETP plants.

FRP Cooling Tower

Our company is dedicated to producing a superior selection of FRP Cooling Towers. We make sure that these items should be of excellent quality and would be able to satisfy specific requirements of clients with ease thanks to fantastic technical assistance and outstanding research and development services.

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